Know Your Doosan Videos

Designating Large Tools – Know Your Doosan, Episode 16

The last thing you want is for two of your tools to collide when you put them in the carousel. That’s why this episode of Know Your Doosan shows you how to designate large tools on vertical machining centers.

Setting Up Part Handoffs – Know Your Doosan, Episode 15

When you’re running a twin spindle lathe, setting up a part handoff can be a little intimidating. This episode of Know Your Doosan is here to give you all the knowledge you need to proceed confidently.

Restarting After Program Interruption – Know Your Doosan, Episode 14

You realize you left out a critical feature, broke the tool, or a number of other scenarios. Either way, you need to stop the machine, make a correction and restart the program. After this episode of Know Your Doosan, you’ll know how to do just that.

Using AICC – Know Your Doosan, Episode 13

Contour Control (AICC) gives you a pretty big advantage on your vertical and horizontal machining centers. But first, you have to know how to use it. Get the details in this episode of Know Your Doosan.

Tool Life Management Setup – Know Your Doosan, Episode 12

You’re about to embark on a full rundown of how to utilize the Tool Life Management setup. Whether you’re using iHMI or Legacy controls, after watching this video, you’ll have all the details you need.

FANUC Oi-Plus iHMI on Mill & Lathe — Know Your Doosan, Episode 11

The FANUC Oi-Plus iHMI control was designed to make machining more user-friendly. But before you can get the most out of it, you have to understand all the integral parts. This episode of Know Your Doosan covers everything you need to get up to speed.

Extended Work Offsets — Know Your Doosan, Episode 10

After watching this video, you’ll know all about measuring, accessing, manipulating and adding extended work offsets to your program. Get comfy. The latest episode of Know Your Doosan starts now.

Setting the I/O Channel — Know Your Doosan, Episode 9

If you want to download or upload information on your machine, the I/O channel lets you do it. But there are a lot of channel choices available. Which is right for you? That’s what this video covers.

Full Backups (and Taking Screenshots) — Know Your Doosan, Episode 8

Stop everything you’re doing and go make a full backup on your Doosan machine right now. It’s a worksaver and a borderline lifesaver. If you’re not sure how to do it, well, that’s what this episode of Know Your Doosan is for.

How To Recover Pallet Changer After Power Loss — Know Your Doosan, Episode 7

If the power went down or you had to hit E-stop, the machine isn’t the only thing that needs a reboot. The pallet changer does, too. Getting your APC back up is a simple process, and you’re about to learn it. The crash course starts now.

Slow Tool Changes for Large Tools — Know Your Doosan, Episode 6

Doosan horizontal milling machines are best friends with heavy duty tools, and getting them in and out of the work zone is easier than you might think. Jump into Episode 6 of Know Your Doosan.

Know Your Doosan: Sub-Program Organization

Programming and machining go hand in hand, but a lot of sub-programs will make things complicated in a hurry. In the episode, you’ll learn how to keep everything organized within the main program.

Know your Doosan: Tap Recovery

You notice that the tap is about to bottom out in your workpiece, and hit the E-Stop in the nick of time. You breathe a sigh of relief, but now you have a stopped machine and a tap stuck in your material.

Know Your Doosan: Basic Probing Techniques

In episode 3, we’re diving into how to utilize three common GUI (graphic user interface) measuring cycles with your probe and GUI software. Sounds fun, right?

Know Your Doosan: Calibration of Probe and Tool Setter

Episode 2 of Know Your Doosan is here. Learn how to properly calibrate your probe and tool setter for maximum efficiency and killer part production.

Know Your Doosan: Tool Change Recovery

Our new video series has arrived. In episode 1 of Know Your Doosan, you’ll learn the best way to get your tool changer back in working order after an E-stop.

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