Doosan Shop Videos

Doosan Shop: Provisur Technologies

Provisur Technologies has been in the food processing equipment game since 1972. They became a Doosan Shop in January 2020, when they were so impressed with how these machines perform that they ordered 17 all at once. 

Doosan Shop: Accelerated Tooling, LLC

Accelerated Tooling has been a full-service CNC shop for 15 years. With their experienced team and arsenal of Doosan machines, the variety of materials they handle is large and impressive.

How Machinists at Joe Gibbs Racing Machine Greatness

From top to bottom – everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing has nothing but rave reviews for the Doosan machines in their shop.

Doosan Shop: Forward Technologies, Inc

Forward Technologies, Inc has made a lot of good decisions over the years, the kind that helped them grow into a shop with 42 employees, three shifts and opportunities to machine parts for a variety of industries. One of their best decisions? All the Doosan machines on the floor.

Doosan Shop: Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs Racing has a shop full of Doosan machines, and 25 machinists who love working on them. With outstanding service and the ability to get creative with part design, it’s no wonder they look at their current lineup and think, “We can fit one more.”

Fastenal Manufacturing Trains Operators on Doosan Machines on the Floor and in the Classroom

How do you get a shop full of operators who can do it all? By training them from the ground up, of course. Fastenal Manufacturing donates Doosan machines to Minnesota State College Southeast, and partners with them to give their employees a winning mixture of classroom knowledge and hands-on experience.

Machine Greatness Reloaded

We asked a simple question a few years ago: what are you gonna make today? Our customers gave us the answer.

Doosan Shop: Fastenal Manufacturing

Fastenal Manufacturing provides custom manufactured parts for aerospace, nuclear power generation, defense corporations and more. They’re also the largest industrial distributor in North America. When you look out onto the floor of their 100,000 square foot facility in Winona, Minnesota, you’ll see the 48 Doosan machines that help them achieve success. 

Joe Gibbs Racing Achieves Greatness with Doosan

NASCAR teams like to move fast, and the Doosan machines in Joe Gibbs Racing’s shop floor keep them competitive and allow them to collect checkered flags, time and time again.

Doosan Shop: Midwest Turned Products

Midwest Turned Products (Gilberts, Illinois) specializes in bar work. They also run a third shift manned entirely by tireless Doosan machines. The lights go off and the people go home, but their 8 PUMA TT1800SY machines work through the night.

Doosan Shop: Augustine Die & Mold Inc

Augustine Die & Mold needed to make a change, so they invested in Doosan machines. The result? Flawless operations and accelerated growth.

Doosan Shop: Precisionmatics, Inc.

Precisionmatics (located in West Winfield, New York) employs 70+ people and houses a range of 85 CNC machines. Although they’ve had Doosan in the shop for decades, they didn’t have the explicit intention of becoming a Doosan Shop.

Doosan Shop: S&S Manufacturing

S&S Manufacturing works with titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. The aerospace parts they create have tight tolerances and complex features, and that requires accuracy. And that’s why they went with a fleet of Doosan Machine Tools for the task.

Doosan Shop: CNC Manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing makes precision small parts for a ton of industries. Weeks after getting their first Doosan machine, they immediately ordered another. Listen as Tom Walser tells the story of what Doosan does in their shop.

Doosan Shop: Advanced Materials Technologies

AMT is known for producing complex parts. Whenever they get tough-to-machine materials, it’s not even a question: All the work is done on their Doosan machines.

They rely on Doosan Machine Tools America to follow through on their “Say it. Do it. Prove it.” motto.

Doosan Shop: Engineered Machining Solutions

Engineered Machining Solutions specializes in tight-tolerance prototype components for the aerospace industry. They do the kind of complex parts that most machine shops don't touch, and they depend on Doosan Machine Tools to do it right the first time.

Doosan Shop: Zermätt Tool

Zermätt Tool makes parts for multiple industries, including aerospace, bioscience, firearms and food. Because their machining requires major agility, they need machines that are just as agile.

Enter Doosan.

Doosan Shop: Cincinnati Inc.

For well over a century, Cincinnati Inc. has manufactured metal fabrication equipment. And a few decades ago, they learned Doosan offers the performance they need to get the job done. They just purchased a brand new DCM 2760F II, so we took a look at how it’s performing for them.

Doosan Machine Greatness

Whether you produce parts for aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, energy or another industry entirely, machining has one universal truth: What we produce defines us. And when it’s done right, it outlives us.

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