Doosan Shop: Augustine Die & Mold Inc

Augustine Die & Mold needed to make a change, so they invested in Doosan machines. The result? Flawless operations and accelerated growth.

Doosan Shop: Precisionmatics, Inc.

Precisionmatics (located in West Winfield, New York) employs 70+ people and houses a range of 85 CNC machines. Although they’ve had Doosan in the shop for decades, they didn’t have the explicit intention of becoming a Doosan Shop.

Doosan Shop: S&S Manufacturing

S&S Manufacturing works with titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. The aerospace parts they create have tight tolerances and complex features, and that requires accuracy. And that’s why they went with a fleet of Doosan Machine Tools for the task.

IMTS 2018 Recap: Doosan Machine Tools

The Doosan Machine Tools booth at IMTS 2018 showcased 17 machines, played some Chicago blues and generated some of the most buzz at the entire show. Here’s what you missed if you couldn’t make it. Backed by the aforementioned Chicago blues, of course. 

Machines: Doosan DNM Vertical Machining Center

With direct drive spindle technology and an insane amount of built-in features, the DNM line of vertical machining centers offers unbeatable performance and features per dollar. Finish strong.Get the DNM in your shop.

Machines: Doosan NHP Series

Say goodbye to wasted time, wasted space and wasted money, and say hello to the NHP series: an unbeatable horizontal machining center in a compact layout. It’s a business-changer, and it’s only from Doosan.

Machines: Doosan PUMA 2600SY II

Your next turning center has arrived. The Doosan PUMA 2600SY was engineered specifically for shops that make precision parts out of tough-to-machine materials.

Machines: Doosan PUMA TW2600 with Gantry Loader

If your shop machines high-volume parts, your go-to workhorse is here. Introducing the PUMA TW 2600-GL. No wasted movement and no wasted time.

Doosan Shop: CNC Manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing makes precision small parts for a ton of industries. Weeks after getting their first Doosan machine, they immediately ordered another. Listen as Tom Walser tells the story of what Doosan does in their shop.

Doosan Shop: Advanced Materials Technologies

AMT is known for producing complex parts. Whenever they get tough-to-machine materials, it’s not even a question: All the work is done on their Doosan machines.

They rely on Doosan Machine Tools America to follow through on their “Say it. Do it. Prove it.” motto.

Doosan Shop: Engineered Machining Solutions

Engineered Machining Solutions specializes in tight-tolerance prototype components for the aerospace industry. They do the kind of complex parts that most machine shops don't touch, and they depend on Doosan Machine Tools to do it right the first time.

Doosan Shop: Zermätt Tool

Zermätt Tool makes parts for multiple industries, including aerospace, bioscience, firearms and food. Because their machining requires major agility, they need machines that are just as agile.

Enter Doosan.

Doosan Shop: Cincinnati Inc.

For well over a century, Cincinnati Inc. has manufactured metal fabrication equipment. And a few decades ago, they learned Doosan offers the performance they need to get the job done. They just purchased a brand new DCM 2760F II, so we took a look at how it’s performing for them.

Machines: Go 5-Axis with Doosan Machine Tools

Write this down: Doosan does 5-axis. If you want to up your 5-axis game, you know where to go. Your shop’s productivity will never be the same.

Doosan Machine Greatness

Whether you produce parts for aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, energy or another industry entirely, machining has one universal truth: What we produce defines us. And when it’s done right, it outlives us.

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