#PartPride, Doosan’s social media part-making competition, has another winner! Our hearty congratulations go to Jose Ramos (@themachineiest on Instagram) from Orlando, Florida.

Want to enter what you’re making with you Doosan machines and win a big ol’ box of prizes? Just share a pic or video of your work on Instagram with the #PartPride hashtag, and you’re entered to win.

We spoke with Jose via Instagram to get the details on the part.

Machine and part details

Jose used a beast of a mill-turn, the MX 2100ST. The 7-axis machine is capable of making short work of complex parts, getting them done in a single setup. His shop has had the MX since 2012. The part, a rear camera spring adapter, is made from 303 stainless steel.

About Jose

“I’ve been a machinist for 36 years, and right now I program, set up and operate 8 Doosan lathes and mill-turns. Our first Doosan arrived in 2008, a PUMA 2500LSY. A couple years later, we got a PUMA 2000SY, and in 2012 we got a PUMA MX2100ST. Right now we have 3 MX machines, 4 SY machines, and an SMX 2600ST will be here a month from now. Most of the work we do is for local companies, with some occasional large aerospace work in the mix.”

“I didn’t join Instagram until recently when a friend showed me some interesting posts. I enjoy seeing what others are doing in manufacturing.”

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