PUMA TT Series: The Perks of Simultaneous Machining

Do you mass-produce high precision automotive or medical parts? If so, the PUMA TT series was designed to be a reliable asset on your floor. With identical power and speed specs on the left and right spindles, it’s a massive time saver and efficiency booster in a compact footprint. Let’s

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Diversified Fittings and the PUMA TT: A Perfect Match

The PUMA TT series of twin-turret turning centers tend to transform the shops they serve. Nowhere is that more clear than at Diversified Fittings, an Ohio-based maker of hydraulic fittings. What previously took three operations now takes one, and all their jobs have seen at least 30% cycle time improvement

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DBC Series: The Unbeatable Horizontal Boring Machines

If you’re on the hunt for the best horizontal boring machine on the market, we’ll save you some time: it has DOOSAN on the cover. The reason is simple: we’ve been perfecting horizontal boring machines longer than we’ve been called Doosan. For the past three decades, our horizontal boring machines

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Mark Christopher: Applications Engineer (and Know Your Doosan guy)

Mark Christopher wears a whole lot of hats at Doosan Machine Tools, and some of them are visible on camera. Our Application Engineer is a natural problem-solver, fielding customer support, training and troubleshooting on a daily basis. On top of that, he’s the star of our latest YouTube series, Know

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Elite Turning & Machining Sees Business Boom with Doosan

Elite Turning & Machining began in 2012 with just a single CNC lathe in a rented office on the northwest side of Rochester, New York. Just three years later, the company had grown to six machines and moved to a new 15,000 square-foot facility. They now employ over 20 employees

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PUMA VTR Series Pumps Up Productivity with 60-Tool Capacity

A while back, we told you about the advantages of the massive PUMA VTR1012F, which we added to our lineup for really big components like jet engines, construction equipment and wind power generation products. But now there is a new chapter in the VTR Series story. Meet the VTR1012FC and

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Pep Manufacturing Boosts Business Opportunities with 5-Axis DVF 5000

Why should customers come to you instead of your competition? Good question. Pep Manufacturing, a family-owned CNC job shop located in Mentor, Ohio, has found a way to stand out and gain market share – with a little help from Doosan. They’ve been serving their customers with quality machining since

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TechMach Helps ABB Discover the Doosan Difference

ABB Motors and Mechanical is a designer and manufacturer of industrial electric motors, generators, and mechanical power transmission products. They are a major Doosan shop, with over 160 machines installed, including about 110 in Arkansas. Their Fort Smith, Arkansas plant makes 30,000 motors per week in lot sizes from

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PGI Steel Scores a Doosan DBM for Massive Steel Components

PGI Steel is a custom steel processing company that will celebrate 50 years of producing high quality steel products in 2021. The Alabama-based company caters to special machine builders, machine shops and tool & die makers, but the majority of their business consists of heavy-duty components for automation, construction, power

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