Job Application: I’m a Doosan Linear Pallet System

Full Name: Doosan Linear Pallet System
Nickname: LPS
Occupation: Flexible Manufacturing System
Phone: 973-618-2500

Dear Operations Manager,

I am interested in the opening at your shop for a Pallet Automation System. Given my related experience and excellent capabilities, I think you will find I am a perfect fit (even in tight spaces). I can work unsupervised and have considerable experience working on the 3rd shift. With 10 years experience in the market, my hardware and software is very reliable. I even come standard with an industrial grade Win10 PC-based cell controller with the ability to schedule production, store part programs and act as a master to the machining center CNC.

Career Objective: I am a 2-level rack system consisting of 12 pallet storage locations with a servo-driven automated guided vehicle (AGV) that can pick and place pallets in and out of any NHP/NHM Series horizontal machining center. I will also accept a retrofit position with a Doosan HMC. I have a passion for productivity and a reputation for flexibility. I enjoy working with other machines so I can expand my ability as your needs grow. As you can see below, my skills are an ideal match for this position.

My Benefits:
• Reduce labor cost
• Increase production capability and utilization rate of machine tools
• Experience in efficient use of space
• Minimize set up time for new jobs
• Ability to run unattended

My Qualifications:
• Easy to use software (operators can program simple tasks in one day)
• Software features are all inclusive (unlike my competition)
• Remote access to cell controller for diagnostics and problem solving
• Built in backup hard drive that mirrors the main hard drive
• Competitive initial investment cost

I come in a variety of configurations (400mm/500mm and others upon request). I would appreciate the opportunity to meet in person to discuss specifically how I can help your organization. I can be reached at your local Doosan dealer, by calling direct to 973-618-2500 or you can visit

Again, thank you for your consideration.


Doosan Linear Pallet System