Doosan Machine Tools changes its name to DN Solutions

“The company will be reborn as a total manufacturing solutions provider.” Continue to prosper as one of global top three machine tool builders by identifying new growth opportunities.Generate synergistic effects with DN Automotive, an automotive parts manufacturer which became its parent company in January this year, tofurther grow.Exhibit flagship products

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NWI Precision, Doosan and Ferro Technique: Reliability Leads to Success

When it comes to machining exotic alloys to high geometric accuracies, Toronto-based NWI Precision has carved out a niche. There are not many other companies that can machine the parts they’re producing at the moment. Brett Hansen, Director of Engineering, joined NWI in 2016 as a Production Manager, bringing plenty

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The Next Generation: Meet the New NHP 5500

In recent years, the NHP 4000 established itself as an industry standard in 40 taper horizontal machining. At Doosan, we’re always researching and developing to build upon a successful design. On that note, the NHP 5500 2nd Generation is officially here. Just as the 4000 set a 40 taper standard

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Why Standard Locknut Made the Jump to Doosan

For years, Standard Locknut made its high precision parts with Japanese machine tools. But when Brent Miller, Engineering Director, contacted Ellison Technologies and asked what they would do, they told him: Doosan. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Better Get Another: The Doosan Shops of 2021

2021 will soon come to a close. Yeah, that’s bonkers, we know. It really does feel like it was 2019 just yesterday. Lucky for us, we have a lot of proof that 2021 did, in fact, happen. All year, we’ve been highlighting end-users whose Doosan machines have made a real

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Linear Pallet System Accelerates Growth at Focused on Machining

Focused on Machining, based in Louviers, Colorado, is a job shop that specializes in prototype and low volume production machining for the aerospace, defense and medical industries. Owner and president Justin Quinn acquired the company in 2016, when the company was bringing in about $700,000 a year. Today, it is

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Job Shop in Ohio Does 10x Revenue in 2021 with Doosan

Once upon a time, four General Mills electricians got together and decided to do a biker build-off. Tale as old as time. John, Brian, Ben and Brian had a goal of making their own custom bikes, and that meant they needed their own machined parts. That took more money than

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Eric Stieb Grows Zermätt Tool With Experience and Hard Work

Doosan is fortunate to have some really great people as customers. Not only are they warm and friendly, but many have the knack of building thriving businesses from modest beginnings under all types of circumstances. Not to mention the fact that they are walking encyclopedias on the topic of CNC

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PUMA GT Series: A Classic HTC Design That Machinists Depend On

What do a Ford Model T automobile, Levi’s jeans, Moby Dick and just about any Beatles song have in common? They’re all considered to be “classics” – items judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and an outstanding example of their type. By that definition

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