Doosan Ready to Shift Gears for New Electric Vehicles

Doosan has a long history with the automotive market. Our machine tools grew up under the Daewoo Motors umbrella and even carried the Daewoo name until they were spun off under the Doosan banner. Today major OEMs and subcontractors are using our machine tools to turn out parts for the

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New PUMA VTR1012F Built Strong to Machine Huge Aerospace Parts

We’ll tell you up front that our new PUMA VTR1012F is not going to fit in your average job shop. This cat was specifically added to our lineup for the really big components like jet engines for the aerospace industry. The rigid machine structure, combined with a powerful high torque

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Doosan and Sandvik Coromant: The Power of Partnership

New machine tool investments are serious purchases, and manufacturers work hard to make sure their purchase bears good fruit, both in the short term and the long term. To that end, Doosan and Sandvik Coromant team up—in multiple ways—to see that those new machines are tooled up right from the

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Center Rock Turns to Heavy-Duty Doosans for Rescues and More

Center Rock, Inc., headquartered in Berlin, PA, is the world leader in canister drill technology (sets of drills and bits combined in one housing). Contractors in industry segments such as building, roadway, utility, oil/gas and mining use this equipment to quickly drill holes to the exact size required for the

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Double Down on Production with These Twin Spindle PUMA Lathes

Yes, you are seeing double. The PUMA TT1300SYY (5” or 6” chuck) and PUMA TT2100SYY (8” or 10” chuck) are twin spindle, twin turret, dual Y-axis horizontal turning centers that allow you to increase productivity by streamlining the process. They are perfect for operations from large diversified industrial and automotive

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Doosan Shop: West Salem Machinery Co.

West Salem Machinery Company has been in business in the Pacific Northwest for 70 years. Up in that territory, lumber is a way of life (rainfall exceeds 120 inches per year), and the company got its start in sawmill operations. Today, the company’s grinders, screens and conveyors serve the heat

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Meet Doosan’s Expert on Tracking Down Elusive Repair Parts

Lubos Mlynar is the Deputy General Manager of Parts at Doosan Machine Tools America and has been part of the team since 2000. “We have a lot of specialty products – things end users and dealers find difficult to locate,” he said. “I’m the last line of defense. They call

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Doosan Applies Cool Machine Tool Tech to Build Hot Jet Engines

When it comes to aerospace, Doosan has contributed to almost every segment of the market. Parts made on our machine tools can be found in just about anything that flies. The list includes commercial jets, corporate jets, private planes, military aircraft of both fixed-wing and rotating-wing (helicopter) configurations and even

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Do More With Your Doosan: Renishaw Probing and Toolsetting

8 years ago ago, a deep working relationship between Renishaw and Doosan began. The goal was simple: go beyond offering off-the-shelf Renishaw products on Doosan machines and shift the focus: 1) Promote in-machine spindle probing and tool setting functions, and 2) provide the right Renishaw product for the right Doosan

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