Meet Jennifer Steiner: Doosan’s Operation’s Manager of Inside Sales

Jennifer Steiner is Operations Manager at Doosan Machine Tools America. She has been a team member since joining Doosan (then Daewoo) as Receptionist in 1996. In 1998, she was promoted to Inside Sales and has held every position in that department, including Data Entry, Traffic/Logistics, Accessory Coordinator, Invoicing Coordinator and

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Our Engineers’ (and our End-Users’) Favorite Doosan Machines of the 2010s

The 2010s were a decade of exciting growth at Doosan. The breadth of our lineup was increased, and across that entire line, the machines officially compete with the best that Japan has to offer. But if you had to choose just one machine to name as your favorite of the

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Big and Heavy Parts Call for Doosan Vertical Turning Centers

When it comes to machining mega-heavy parts in tight spaces, your two best friends are Doosan and gravity. Our contribution comes from a line of Vertical Turning Centers (VTC) that are strong, rigid and flexible. The vertical design makes gravity work for you since the workpiece sits straight on top

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Follow Up: Doosan Linear Pallet System Gets the Call

To: Doosan Machine Tools From: Linear Pallet System Subject: I got the job! The last time I wrote I had just applied for a great position with a medium-sized shop that makes pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. They must have liked my resume, because the next thing I knew I was

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Unforgettable Joe Gibbs Racing Season Ends with 5th NASCAR Championship

Kyle Busch won the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead Miami Speedway, earning the fifth NASCAR Cup title for Joe Gibbs Racing. It was a remarkable show of consistency from Busch (27 top-10 finishes this season) and an even more remarkable show of strength from the Joe Gibbs Racing team.

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SCHUNK on Doosan: Insights, Retrofits and Automation

The highest quality machine tool in the world won’t get much done without proper workholding or tool holders in the spindle. That is why we collaborate with some of the world’s finest manufacturers of gripping and clamping systems. That is where companies like SCHUNK come in. In this article, we

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Medical Device Machining: Doosan Does It

When it comes to Doosan, the first thing people may think about are big, beefy workpieces for jet-engine casings, automotive transmissions, oil well drills and even race car components. But there’s another big segment of our business: medical device machining. Not only does our lineup cover the machining of larger

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Lynx 2100: Best Selling Compact Turning Center Gets Even Better

With nearly 30,000 sold worldwide, the Lynx is the most popular compact, high-productivity linear turning center on the market. But our engineers are never satisfied. Based on the feedback from our customers, we set out to make the 3rd generation version even better. We kept the best (compact footprint and

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Maximize Spindle Utilization with a Doosan Gantry Loader

Does this happen too often on your shop floor? A spindle remains idle on a horizontal turning center as it waits for the next blank to be inserted into the chuck. Or pallets of half-finished parts sit on the floor waiting to be loaded manually into the spindle. The operator

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