Josh uses two Doosan machines to make his custom putters, and the result is quality that his customers pay top dollar for.


#PartPride, Doosan’s social media part-making competition, now has its third winner: Josh Bumgarner of CNC Creations, who used his DNM 5700 and PUMA 2100SY to produce this impeccable putter.

Want to enter what you’re making with you Doosan machines? It couldn’t be easier. Just share a pic or video on Instagram with the #PartPride hashtag, and you’re entered to win.

We connected with Josh to get the rundown on his putters.

Part details

The putter head is machined from 303 stainless steel, and the neck from 110 copper. Start to finish, it takes about two days for Josh to complete a custom putter. He says he couldn’t make the neck without the PUMA 2100SY; the live tool and sub-spindle are crucial.

The DNM 5700 came with a 12,000 r/min spindle, which helps in the engraving of stainless steel. The rigidity of the machine lets Josh fly through material and produce a great surface finish. “The DNM came stock with a part probe and tool probe, which helps our shop save time and allows us to hold very tight tolerances,” Josh said. “Both are great machines. We’ve had zero issues with the lathe or the mill.”

Company details

CNC Creations is a job shop with a passion for golf. It’s a family business—Josh does the machining and his wife, a graphic designer, creates the custom artwork. “We love using our God-given talents to create unique and cool golf swag that our customers will treasure forever,” Josh said.

“Our machines are capable of holding ten thousandths of an inch, and we machine a lot of parts that push the limits. It's great to know our Doosans are reliable and extremely accurate. They make our jobs easier. While holding tenths is always interesting, it's a lot of fun using the machines like an artist uses a paint brush. Instead of canvas, we use blocks of metal to create unique and lasting pieces.”

Back-of-the-box quote

“We love our Doosan machines. Machine Greatness every day!”

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