This Pennsylvania shop used two Doosan machines to craft this stellar throttle body and intake.


#PartPride, Doosan’s social media part-making competition, has a 5th winner! Congrats to Horsepower Inc (@horsepowerinc on Instagram) from Erie, Pennsylvania.

Want to enter what you’re making with you Doosan machines and win a big ol’ box of prizes? Just share a pic or video of your work on Instagram with the #PartPride hashtag, and you’re entered to win.

We spoke with HPi via Instagram to get the rundown on the project.

Machine details

Horsepower Inc. used a DNM 400 HS and a DMV 4020 for this part. The DNM sports a 31ia5 control and 14,000 r/min spindle, plus a 30-tool ATC and KOMO TN-161. The DMV has a 21i control and 12,000 r/min spindle, as well as a KOMO (Tsudakoma) TN-200. Both machines are equipped with Renishaw tool/part probes and Lang fixtures.

Part details

The throttle body is made from billet 6061 aluminum, and it takes two operations to complete. The intake is a 356 aluminum sand casting. The intake also takes two operations to complete.

When asked why the Doosan machines got this work, HPi replied, “We have been using Doosan from the start of the company, back when they were still Daewoo. We have great support from our reseller, Allegheny Machine Tools. We currently have 11 machines of various ages and models working tirelessly to produce our high quality parts.”

Company details

Horsepower Inc. is a leader in v-twin fuel injection, serving over 30 dealers in the United States and around the world. They’ve been around since 2002, specializing in the manufacturing and design of high performance fuel injected components engineered to provide more power and performance. All manufacturing and design is done in-house on state-of-the-art equipment, using U.S. material and U.S. labor.

HPi was the first company to ever manufacture an aftermarket throttle body and intake replacement for the Harley-Davidson line. They’re known to keep up with the design changes Harley makes, and they now offer a throttle body upgrade for every fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle. They stay OEM-compatible throughout, which keeps their product affordable for customers.

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