We’re excited to announce the final #PartPride winner of 2020: KSE Racing Products from White House, Tennessee. The KSE team is the latest to win Doosan’s social media part-making competition.

We spoke with KSE via direct message to get the details on the parts.

Part and Company Details

Residing just north of Nashville, KSE Racing Products produces high quality pumps and power steering gears for the racing industry. The company got its start in Iowa in the late 1970s because sprint racers needed better pumps for their cars.

The winning #PartPride parts are billet aluminum wing cylinder bases, freshly made by the PUMA 2600SY. They bought the machine in 2015, and it’s changed how they operate. “We use to flip our lathe parts with some subsequent mill operations,” they said. “But now we have probably 30x production parts that we drop off complete.”

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